Your Own Network After Wireless Internet Router Setup

Everything is going wireless these days: phones, keyboards, mice, and computer networks to name a few. If you are planning to get multiple computers online at home, then chances are that you purchased a wireless router. Fortunately, even the inexperienced user can set up a router as they all basically work the same way. Wireless Internet router setup is necessary for connecting all of your computers to the network, but once you set it up, you shouldn’t have to modify the network or have any sort of interaction with it whatsoever.

Plugging In And Then Set Up Wireless Internet Router

The whole point of wireless Internet is that you can be connected to the Internet without any sort of cables. It’s become a staple of hotels, airports, and many restaurants, and while you might just own a desktop and not want to move around a great deal, a wireless network still gives you greater flexibility and helps you get multiple computers online without the mess and hassle of cables. However for wireless Internet router setup, you may find it easiest to plug your computer into the router (just for the setup process). This ensures connectivity while you set up the wireless channels, firewall, and passwords on the router itself.

Plug the wireless router into an electrical outlet and turn it on. Connect your Internet modem to the router, and temporarily connect your computer to the router with an Ethernet cable. It’s always easy to change the computer’s connection to a wireless one later. Wireless Internet router setup is actually very simple and quick. Most routers can be accessed by opening up your web browser of choice and typing or some slight variation into the address bar. Check your router’s instructions for the exact destination address.

The first thing that you’ll want to once you’re actually in wireless Internet router setup is to create a password for accessing the router. By default, this is usually blank or 1234, and you can change it one of your liking. You may have to enter your Internet connection information depending on what type of Internet connection you use. Next, pick a wireless channel for the router to operate on, pick a network name for the router, and then connect other computers to the network by selecting your network’s name out of the list. At the end, you can choose other security features like network encryption, but it is not necessary (just recommended) to connect to the Internet. Wireless Internet router setup only takes a few minutes, and it helps you get wireless connectivity throughout the entire house.