Which One Is Cheaper, Wireless Internet Card Or Wireless Internet Connection

Trend of making your home or office Wi-Fi enabled is catching on fast, but which one is cheaper, wireless internet card or wireless internet connection? In order to answer this question with complete clarity, we will have to consider a number of scenarios and then justify whether wireless internet card is cheap or wireless internet connection is cheap.

Number Of Computers You Can Connect Using Cheap Wireless Internet card

This is main deciding factor, suppose at present you have there laptops at your home or workplace. You can either buy wireless internet cards or make your entire home or office Wi-Fi enabled. If you need very high speed internet then Wi-Fi is the option otherwise wireless internet card will be cheaper. But what happens in case the number of laptops or computers increases? If that is the case, wireless internet card won’t be cheaper in any case as you will have to pay for each wireless internet card, whereas you just need to upgrade your router in case of Wi-Fi connection.


If you frequently travel to remote location or outside your country, then there is no point in setting up a Wi-Fi network at your home or office. No matter what permutation or combination you use, you will end up spending more on accessing internet. In this particular case, wireless internet card is definitely cheaper.

Many such scenarios can be presented to determine the feasibility of wireless internet card for your notebooks, laptops or PCs, the ultimate thing however is to have access to internet on the go. This is particularly important if most of the business transactions you do are over internet. Suppose you need to carry out a business transaction very urgently over the net. No Wi-Fi spot exists near by nor there is any place where you can access internet. As a result you lose the deal. Now can you tell was wireless internet card cheaper? It would have been much wiser to have invested a few dollars on wireless internet card. People who deal in stocks need to be online during trading hours, no matter where they are. Here a delay of seconds can cost in millions. Again many such scenarios can be presented to prove the feasibility of wireless internet cards. The day is not away when most of us will have to be online and stay connected on the move. Till new technologies are invented, we will have to take wireless internet card as a cheap and best option.