Ways To Secure Home Wireless Internet security

You are moving with times and have gifted yourself with home wireless internet connection. But what have you done for the security of your home wireless internet connection? Of course you would not like someone to use your home wireless internet for unlawful and unauthorized purpose. Home wireless internet connections are very easy to set-up and so is the method to secure your home wireless internet. Go through the following steps and be assured that your home wireless internet is secure and tamperproof.

Turnoff When Router Not In Use

Nothing could be simpler than this. By turning off the router, you not only save a little amount of electricity, but you also make sure that no other person other than the authorized ones. This is the simplest way to secure home wireless internet.

Do Not Use Default Settings Of Home Wireless Internet security

Security of home wireless internet also depends on the settings you have chosen while setting up the connection. Default settings on of router means not security for your wireless home internet connection. This means anyone can connect his computing device to your connecting making your internet connection vulnerable. Set the encryption level to highest security and do not set or use obvious passwords. This is another way of securing wireless home internet connections.

Firewall Router

Your home wireless internet security can be breached not only from some close by, but it also is vulnerable from internet itself. In order to make sure that the wireless home internet is secured from such attacks, turn on the router’s firewall. This simply means, only data requests made by your computer are valid and any other are invalid. It is one of the best ways to keep hackers at bay and secure home wireless internet. Your wireless home internet provider can help you out in this case.

Revoke Default Access Details

Any router shipped from a company comes with default username and passwords. Do not be under the impression that no body knows them. The first thing after you have setup the connection is to change these credentials. In fact it should be the first step taken to secure your home wireless internet.

Keep A Check On Router Status

Your router constantly displays the number of computers or devices connected to the home wireless connection. Try to keep an open eye on; which computers are using your home wireless connection. If you find something is wrong, immediately change the settings and passwords of your router. Securing home internet connection has become necessity of the day not only because it costs you, but because if someone uses it for illegal purposes, you will be held responsible for it.