Tips For Buying Wireless Internet Card

Our personal and professional lives are so dependent on internet that we virtually need to be online all the time. Though Wi-Fi hotspots, or wireless home networks make that possible, wireless internet card is a good option, if you have laptop for workplace and a PC at home. This article will tell what factors you should consider while buying a wireless internet card.

Price Of Wireless Internet Card

Price is the most important factor while buying wireless internet card. Wireless internet cards can be bought from your mobile service provider or other telecom company operating in your area, but check out the prices of competitors before you make the final decision. Though buying wireless internet card is relatively cheaper compared to setting up a wireless network, the initial cost should not be too heavy. Check out offers from major service providers to buy a cheap wireless internet card.

Coverage through Wireless Internet Card

Buying wireless internet card is just like buying a CDMA or GSM phone. Wireless internet cards are based on GSM and CDMA technologies, which mean they can provide you with internet access wherever mobile services are available. However, if the service provider from whom you are buying wireless internet card does not have network sharing agreement with other telecom companies, you might run into trouble and will not be able to access internet from all the places, especially in remote areas or while travelling in other countries.

Access Plans

To be on a safer side, opt for unlimited access plan. But if you intent to use the wireless internet card for just checking your mail, then opt for a plan which charges according to data usage or offers limited data usage. Talk with the company’s sales person before you buy wireless internet card as these people are trained to help out customers with such queries.


If you have more than one laptop, then you should buy USB wireless internet card as it is not fixed to any laptop and be connected to any laptop or PC through USB. If you have just one laptop and do not plan to change it anytime soon then buy PCI wireless internet card. Though prices and speeds do not differ much, in case you buy PCI wireless internet card, you need not plug it in every time you intend to use the internet. The final decision rests with you as you are the person who will be using it and know better what is best for you. Go wireless.