Is There really Such A Thing As Free Wireless Internet Access?

Scoring a freebie is often a great experience. After all, you work hard for your money and everything costs something, so when you get something for free you grab the opportunity. The big question to arise is how much of that so-called “free” stuff really comes without any sort of price tag attached. Wireless internet access is no exception to the “free” debate. Do you really get free wireless internet access that is completely without any price? Wireless is usually high speed internet access and that is what draws people to it and offering it for free may seem like a heaven sent miracle, but is it really?

The “Free Wireless Internet Access” Debate

There are so many things out there that are advertised for free, but you need to read the fine print in order to get the entire picture before you see all the snags and loopholes around that “free” item. Free wireless internet access is no exception to the rule. People often use the inclusion of something “free” to make an existing offer more appealing to a wide target market. They know that people are always up for something that they can get for nothing. So they know that they will draw your attention as well as your wallet if they offer you something like free wireless internet access.

In certain cases the offer of free wireless internet access seems genuine and honest. This includes free wireless internet access at Wi-Fi hotspots. Usually they offer you that free wireless internet access in exchange for your business and this is most often the case at coffee shops and the like. However, no good businessman will really lose money. It is easy to calculate the cost of offering you that free wireless internet access into the coffee and other products you are buying while you sit there enjoying your free internet access.

Many offers of something free are conducted like this. The provider of the free wireless internet access recoups his money by adding a negligible amount to his other products and services. That way their other offers are not noticeably more costly and you seemingly get something for free. So again the question is posed, do you really get free wireless internet access? Read between the lines carefully before you make that decision about how “free” is really is. Because “free” almost always certainly comes with some sort of a price tag included whether you see it or not.