How To Setup Home Wireless Internet

Personal and professional demands are forcing more people to opt for home wireless internet. The advantages are further accentuated with the ability to work on internet from anywhere in the house and on top of that setting up home wireless internet is quiet easy. But before you decided to setup home wireless internet, there are some basic things a person should know.

Hardware You Will Need To Setup Home Wireless Internet

A typical setup of internet at home is that of a broadband connection. A cable is connected to a modem, which in turn is connected to your computer or your laptop. But this kind of setup is unable to provide you with mobility as cable cannot go everywhere in the house. This changes when you setup home wireless internet connection. All you need is a wireless router to do it. Instead of modem, the broadband cable is connected to a pre-programmed wireless router with capabilities of providing internet connection to more than one computer/laptops. If the broadband connection was for a PC, then you will need to buy an wireless network adapter to connect your PC to wireless network, or just connect the PC directly to the wireless router, conditionally thee router is nearby PC or the cable is long enough.

If you do not have any sort of internet connection and wan to setup a wireless home internet, then better go for a wireless router, which directly connects your computers/laptops to internet. These wireless routers act like TV antenna’s which receive their signals from communication towers located nearby. There are absolutely no wires involved in such kind of setup and are quiet easy to setup. This way you have a truly mobile wireless internet because of absence of any type of wires.

Safety Tips

However, be cautious while setting up home wireless internet. Since you are paying for the service, you would not like anybody to use it on your expense or use it for some illegal activity. Turn off the router whenever not in use, this is the simplest security measure. Do not keep default settings of wireless router while setting up home wireless internet as these settings are known to most people. Also change the username and password, which come with shipped router, these are also known to lot of people and can be easily tapped into. Last but not the least, firewall your wireless router, as it is as vulnerable from hackers if not properly protected.