Check Out Free Wireless Internet Software Called 2Hotspot

An internet hotspot is nothing more than a wireless Internet access service that is made available at certain public places such as coffee shops and shopping malls and eating places as well as hotels, airports and convention centers and many other such places. You can make use of free wireless internet access services or you might have to pay for using the wireless internet service; it depends on the way that the public places operate.

Powerful Free Wireless Internet Software

When it comes to picking suitable free wireless internet software you should check out the one known as 2hotspot that is very powerful as it allows anyone that knows how to use such software to instantly create their own wireless hot spots with their wireless routers or Wi-Fi cards. This is excellent free wireless internet software that can even be used to create a commercial wireless hot spot network.

Of course, it takes more than installing this free wireless internet software to get it to work for you. First of all you will have to get the Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) up and working so that you can then make 2hotspot to start working. After that it is a matter of adding 2hotspot to your network names (SSID) and then you have to tweak the Network Connections to get the whole thing off the ground.

This in turn means that you have to then add 2hotspot to your available wireless networks and to ensure that you check the tab named “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection”.

Having done this you have to then select 2hotspot on the client computer and then click the connect button and in case the server is connected then the client computer will hook on to the Internet. Once you have established the Internet connection you will need to download 2hotspot from its website after which you install the free wireless internet software. After the installation is complete you can simply select the 2hotspot wireless connection which then allows you to make full use of your own personalized hot spot.

In today’s world, life without the Internet is unimaginable. What’s more, with the proliferation of laptops and the advent of wireless internet it has become much easier for people to stay connected. If you want to make full use of free wireless internet it pays to learn about how to download free wireless internet to make use of free Wi-Fi features. To find the appropriate free wireless internet you should check out directories such as