Wifi PDA Phone: Check Out Nokia, Sony, Samsung And More

When you start to think about who is selling the better mobile phones today, the name Nokia will immediately spring to mind and this is not at all surprising because they are a company that is well known for their excellent products. Even in the case of a Wifi PDA phone, Nokia is a company that provides outstanding models that are stylish as well as quite business-oriented and which will also make a very suave item when carried in your pocket. Nokia have a range of items in the Wifi PDA phone segment and some of their devices are very light in weight (weighing no more than 127 grams) which is much lighter than what the competition can offer, and so well worth checking out.

Wifi PDA Phone: Some Outstanding Features

The Nokia Wifi PDA phone also comes with a QWERTY keyboard that makes sending and compiling emails very simple and other than this feature the Nokia E71 White offers considerable memory and SDRAM that begins at 128 MB and the handset works at a pretty good pace – thanks to its fast processor.

Samsung too is another option that is worth checking out when it is Wifi PDA phone that you wish to purchase. One of the most pleasing aspects to using a Samsung Wifi PDA phone is that they will always have something up their sleeves with which to surprise buyers and which at the same time will also shock the competitors. A case in point is the Samsung i900 Omnia White that is slender as well as well crafted and which has outstanding features such as handwriting recognition, and though this Wifi PDA phone may not measure up to a full-fledged PC it is nevertheless a potent offering.

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 is a different proposition altogether. It boasts of three inch TFT touch screen display and it also has Bluetooth v2.0 as well as UPnP technology. In any case, before you buy a particular Wifi PDA phone you need to look at its ability to send emails, and browse the Internet as well as provide facilities to work on MS-Word documents. A Wifi PDA phone that provides you with all the features to make you a more productive person is the one that you should opt for.

Though Wifi cordless phones are here to stay, it is still necessary to understand some of the downsides to their use – especially over a longer period of time. It is important that, at the very outset, you make an effort to know about as well as understand the risks posed by such devices to your health in the form of mobile phone radiation. In fact, if your children are using these devices, the need to understand the health concerns that will arise because of mobile phone radiation and also learn how to minimize the impact of such radiation.