Wi-Fi Security Software Not Perfect!

While technology is on the climb all the time, the need to get things done where ever, with less baggage is more evident, and therefore it is more difficult to secure your information be it for business or private.  With most people and companies having computers to do their work on and log into files, and accessing databases it have become more and more important to secure private information.

Although a lot of companies allow downloads and upgrades for Wi-Fi security software, it is not always a good thing. If the networks are not secure enough, to the naked eye and to the dummies, information is still accessible for the hackers.  For the hacker it would be easy to see what Wi-Fi security software you have on your pc or laptop, and with that knowledge know what to do or use to get past it to important or classified information.

Your Wi-Fi network security can still be protected by the original way of doing things, the cables. Cables are still the best form of protection, instead of hooking up to just any frequency that might be available out there, in the air, to get connectivity.
Even while sitting in the lobby of a hotel, café, or basically anywhere within a certain radius, your so-called pc or laptop information can be hacked. There is a wide range of Wi-Fi security software packages out there, varying in prices, but none of them cover every aspect of protecting your data. The onus should still be on you to update and protect every move you do on your laptop or pc, for your own protection.

Cables Are Still The Best Form Of Protection

 In the corporate field where there is an abundance of users on networks, security would have to be tightest, as from one person’s accessibility the rest are vulnerable too opening doors to everyone on the network. So far the best Wi-Fi security software packages allow the user to key in codes, which continually change every time they log onto the network.
Often when these Wi-Fi security software packages are created, the hackers create them and unaware of this information, you have allowed all your information to be seen by them. Yes, you paid a bit of money for security, but they got paid to allow themselves into your domain. They created it, and programmed it to search for specific codes and information while you are online, or offline if your laptop or pc does not shut down the Wi-Fi security software when in sleep mode. Protect your information at all times.