Using Your WiFi Cell Phone To Make Calls For Free

If you have a cell phone that is WiFi ready then you may be able to make calls, text, and do a number of other things without using any minutes or being charged by the cell phone company. Many times these WiFi cell phones will have features that people are unaware of that will allow them to connect up to a wireless network and start talking for free.

How A WiFi Cell Phone Works

The way a WiFi cell phone works is that it will connect up to a local available wireless network then use some other service to make a voice over IP conntection to the phone number. What this means is that any calls you make will be completely free of charges from the cell phone company because you are not using their service at all. While the quality of these WiFi cell phone calls may not be as high as what you would see using your normal cell phone, they are more then adacuate for making calls on a regular basis when you simply need to talk and do not want to pay much for it.

Voice over IP will usually have a bit more lag then a normal to cell phone connection, but for the most part this is not significant. The key is that you need to make sure that are able to run service on your phone to use the WiFi connection to talk. Some may not have the ability be a WiFi SIP phone, Skype or any of the other programs that are available. In addition the quality of your connection will be dependant on a couple of factors. The first is how good the wireless is in the WiFi cell phone. I would recommend if you intend to use your cell phone for this making absolutely sure that it has at least wireless G. Wireless N would be great, but those phones can be incredibly expensive.

This will ensure not only that you have the throughput to make the call but also that you have the signal strength and range to make it reliable. Voice over IP does not require a huge amount of bandwidth so the more important part is that you have a nice strong single and you are not getting dropped frequently. By getting at least a G phone you can make sure that this is the case.

There are some things you may not be able to do with a WiFi cell phone. The first of which is receive incoming calls. While you will be able to get incoming Skype requests, to get an incoming call form a land line will be a problem. It is however a great tool for making outbound calls.