The Downside To Using A Wifi Cordless Phone

Wifi cordless phones are a great convenience and have become an integral part of almost everyone’s daily lives. As important as these devices are and as much as one loves to use them, there are a few downsides to them that too need to be looked at in order to ensure that you do not pay heavily on account of these downsides. As everyone knows, the cordless phones work with antennas and of late this very feature of a cordless phone has started to attract a lot of media attention.

Wifi Cordless Phone And Harmful Radiation

The trouble with using Wifi cordless phones is that there is an attendant risk of suffering from mobile phone radiation that is particularly harmful for children. Whether your Wifi cordless phone has a WLAN antenna or any other kind of antenna you will be exposed to a considerable amount of microwave radiation that is usually of frequencies that range from twenty-four hundred to twenty-four hundred eighty five MHZ, which is the same amount of radiation that emits when using a microwave oven.

The worrying aspect to such form of radiation as a result of using Wifi cordless phones is that you can suffer from certain health problems including suffering from headaches as well as having difficulties in concentrating as well as feeling restless and even having problems with your memory. In the case of children the consequences of such radiation are very severe and that is why it is not recommended that young children be allowed to use Wifi cordless phones.

A well known instance of hazards of Wifi cordless phone radiation came to light in the year 1992 when eight lawsuits were filed alleging that cell phones were causing users to suffer from brain tumors. Though none of these suits were won by the litigants it did help to bring to the notice of the public that Wifi cordless phone radiation is a major cause for concern.

Such concerns had a positive impact because studies began to be conducted on the implications of Wifi cordless phone radiation, which was widely reported in the press. The findings highlighted how Wifi cordless phone radiation resulted in six times more fatigue as well as greater suffering from headaches as a consequence of prolonged use of Wifi cordless phones.

A Wifi hotspot is, as the term suggests, any area that permits Wifi access to the Internet. In fact, when people use the term ‘hotspot’ today they generally refer to the area in which signals are available as well as to the Wifi router or even the Wifi Access point that broadcasts the signal.