Staying Safe: WiFi Network Security

Through the use of a WiFi network the individual can make their home or office a complete hotspot for all devices equipped with WiFi technology. This technology can be extremely beneficial and convenient. In addition, it provides the individual or employees a greater freedom which can in turn cause greater productivity.

Therefore, if considering the use of WiFi technology it is important to take into account a number of considerations. Those considerations include knowing about WiFi network security and measures that the company or individual can take to maintain that WiFi network security.

Understanding WiFi Network Security

First of all, it is important to understand the importance of WiFi network security. That importance is due to the fact that if the WiFi network is not secured then any individual having WiFi capabilities can access an individual’s Internet service. Theoretically, this may allow others to “see” any of the information that is being transmitted by others through unsecured WiFi access.

For example, if a wireless router is being used in the home and does not require an encryption code to access the router then that information being transmitted can be captured by unscrupulous individuals. Subsequently, the information being viewed, passwords entered and emails sent can also be seen by those individuals who access the individual’s system through an unsecured WiFi network.

Additionally, it is important for individuals who utilize WiFi networks in various public places to realize that, for the most part, these WiFi networks are unsecured as well. Generally, public WiFi security is not available because there is an associated cost. This associated cost is one that the public place of operation is not willing to incur. Therefore, any information that is transmitted on a laptop, PDA or other device utilizing a public WiFi network system are in danger of having any sensitive information captured by others.

Maintaining WiFi Network Security

Therefore, because the security of private information and sensitive passwords is of critical concern, it is important that these pieces of information be protected. Subsequently it is important that a WiFi network security be employed.

In addition, passwords or coding to activate the system should be complicated. This complicated process is defined as using a variety of numbers, letters and symbols as possible.

In fact, many codes that are utilized for activation to a wireless router require the entering of a secret code which is comprised of a variety of numbers and letters. Generally, this combination of numbers and letters adds up to 26.