Searching For Something One Can’t See: Wifi Hotspot Locator

One of the wonderful things about technology today is the fact that individuals have more mobility and freedom. This is because of the technology known as WiFi.

WiFi is also known as wireless fidelity which uses radio waves to aid in the communication between devices and their source of service. Therefore, this WiFi technology eliminates the need for wires.

Today, it is not uncommon for most electronic devices to have WiFi connectivity. Examples of those devices that have WiFi technology installed could include PDAs, laptops, phones, printers, etc.

Therefore, in order to fully utilize WiFi technology away from wires and at public places, it is important to know about WiFi hotspot locators. Also, it is important to know about critical issues surrounding hotspots and their possible costs.

About WiFi Hotspot Locators

WiFi hotspot locators are those services that relate to the individual where WiFi connectivity is available for the individual to utilize WiFi connectivity. There are many low-tech ways of finding WiFi hotspots as well as more sophisticated ways.

For example, many business actually advertise the availabiliy of WiFi at their location. They generally accomplish this by simply placing a decal on the entrances to the store. Additionally, many local newspapers, as a public service, identify in print those locations where a WiFi hotspot access is available.

Additionally, WiFi hotspot locators can be found by searching on the internet. All the individuals needs to do is to go to a search enginge and type in keywords such as WiFi hotspots, WiFi accessible stores, etc. Generally, the browser will be rewarded with Internet sites that will help the individual to discover various places within that particular geographical area that have WiFi capability.

Additionally, these WiFi hotspot locators are diverse. Some WiFi hotspot locators may actually be a provider of the service and share with the individual where access can be obtained and purchased. Or some WiFi hotspot locators actually provide this service at no cost.

Issues Regarding WiFi Hotspots

However, when accessing WiFi technology it is important to keep in mind a number of issues. One of the major issues is confidentiality.

This concern is expressed because not all WiFi accessible areas have built in safeguards. This means that if the WiFi hotspot is not a secure one then any individual, with the right equipment, can view the actions of others who use the WiFi gateway. Specifically, any passwords used, e-mails written and sent and personal information accessed can be viewed by those other than oneself.

The other issue is that accessibility to WiFi is not necessarily provided at no cost. However, that may be a good thing as any cost associated wiht accessing a WiFi hotspot may provide an extra dimension of security.