The most valuable Runescape items for Combat

Runescape, the leading mmorpg that has millions of active members is regularly updating its program. Simultaneously, thousands of Runescape items are regularly created by members or Runescape sites that players can buy for a fee. These items provides advantages like protection particularly when pursuing dangerous quests where large monsters are the usual opponents. Runescape items can also be useful in keeping at bay some magic spells or even for smithing special weapons. Engaging in combat is one of the best approach to gain experience and earn lots of gold points in this game. It is therefore very critical for Runescape players to understand the various Runescape items for combat to gain leverage when attacking an opponent These are some of the most basic Runescape items used for combat : 1. Swords – There are different types of swords : long swords , short swords and special swords.Primarily,swords are useful for chopping and slashing opponents but slows down users more than scimitars. Runescape items like swords have two useful purposes: blocking attacks and providing stab defense.

2. Staves- Certainly some of the most versatile and useful Runescape items for combat . Staves are special types of weapons that has magical properties; usually, these weapons are in the form of staff. These weapons are frequently employed for casting spells at the same time provide good attack in the form of bash and pound. Using these Runescape items saves money because this foregoes the need to acquire expensive runes.

3. Ranged items – These type of Runescape items includes arrows, crossbows, slings, spear, darts, knives and other weapons that can be used for ranged attack. Among the group, spears are regarded as very functional and employed for numerous purposes and attacks such as stab, crash and slash. Ranged Runescape items would be of great help when attacking enemies that can inflict massive damage at close range.

4. Battleaxe – Next to the sword, this is the second best option for attack by players since it can cause damage even to armored opponents. If you have low strength point, the battleaxe is reliable for combat especially for melee.

There are still many Runescape items that can assist you in winning a fight but these items can give you a good start.