How to start playing using Runescape guide

The Guiness Book of World Records declared Runescape as the largest free MMORPG due to its huge membership base consisting of millions. Aside from that,around ten million members are actively logged in a month that creates much traffic in the game. If you just happen to stumble upon Runescape as a past time, then you are lucky since there are many Runescape sites that provide Runescape guide for new players. It’s possible to check the sites or access some free Runescape guides online.To spare you from further inconvenience, this article contains some basic runescape guide tips for new players. Here’s an easy step to start playing runescape:

To get into the RuneScape game, click ‘Play Now’ on the RuneScape main page, as shown in the ‘Creating an Account’ section. Wait for the quick download to start. After download is done, you will be taken to the login screen that requires all your login details. After the login process, you would be directed to the Runescape lobby.

The RuneScape Lobby presents many useful features that can prepare you before joining the game. The lobby has five sections which can be easily accessed though the different tabs on top of the screen.

Player info – this displays where and when you last logged in, status of email registration, recovery question status, number of messages in your Message Centre, credit balance, and the message of the week.

* World select – Presents all the available worlds.

* Friends chat – contains Friends List and Ignore List; at the same time, you can chat with your friends before you log in the game.

* Clan Chat – Through this option, you can chat first with the clan before playing.

* Options – meant for display options, allowing you to set your display mode, screen size, and graphics and audio settings.

All tabs have ‘Click here to play’ button plus your favorite worlds so you can easily get into the game. It is also worth knowing that the Friends Chat and Clan Chat tabs both have the Report Abuse button.

Even if you have left the game, it’s always possible to return to the lobby without having the need to input your password when you click to play again. To completely log out of the game, just click on the ‘x’ besides the lobby’s Options tab. Truly, a beginner would find this guide very valuable.