How to get instant Runescape Gold

The most widely known MMORPG that has been going on for a decade is Runescape which has 10 million active players in a month. Similar to most MMORPG, Runescape is non-linear meaning a player has the option to select quests which he can pursue and engage in combats. Beginners have to earn experience to be able to move to succeeding levels. Experience is great but having a lot of gold points is a necessity which is the commodity for exchange at Runescape. However, very few players accumulate large amount of gold points ; in the same manner, some experienced players need thousands of Runescape gold to buy a special item. This situation can be addressed by purchasing Runescape gold from several Runescape gold merchants online. Here’s a quick overview of Runescape gold sellers :

1. – Provides Runescape gold at competitive rates. They offer instant delivery so you can quickly get hold of your gold in a short time. Another service that they offer is Runescape gold farming. You can give them access to your account and do the gold farming so you can save time. Payments can made in credit card, moneybookers and Paypal. They also have a live chat and customer service for any questions.

2. One of the largest sites with numerous services like junk items exchange, quest helper, power leveling, rapid gold and gold farming. The site provides currency conversions in Dollars, Pounds and Euro. The site has a live chat and accepts payments through Paypal, Moneybookers, Google and Western Union. It is important that you have an ingame account name since such sites refuse non-members.

3. – This site has more flexible options for payment. They accept credit cards- both VISA and Mastercard. Also, you can also pay using paypal , Moneybookers or Western Union. They also have a live chat for customers with concerns.

There are still other Runescape gold merchants online; however, it would be smart to check about their background first through forums or reviews. Never forget to read the Return and Exchange policy for your own good. Lastly, try the live chat to see if the site’s customer support is really working.It?s better to be safe than sorry when making online transactions.