List of all PSP Games – Where to Look

It is through Wikipedia that can find almost complete list of all PSP games. The website has a table of release games starting from the oldest to the newest, complete with a release date, game developer and game publisher. But of course, that the information in the list of all PSP games lack the attractive visuals and screenshots. A site attempting to list the fun and energy that is evident in video games, particularly in PlayStation Portable games should reflect its 32-bit glory. At the very least, the site should have had the option to click and reorganize the listing according to genre, for example. A very simplistic listing does not do justice for great games. offers the alphabetized list that takes it further by including their own ranking system. The list of all PSP games in their site has a rating of 1 to 10 and the rating is given based on the opinion of the reviewers. And well deserved ones at that since both had massive and well documented appeal to both hardcore and casual gamers. While the site is really helpful, the presence of pop up advertisements can be really annoying. Each and every page is practically bordered on all sides by marketing material. Every click leads to an announcement before arriving at a specific page. This has the effect of diluting the purity of the playful spirit that is in PlayStation games by inundating the site visitor with too much commercialism. even thought of that the rating or ranking system is a sort of paid endorsement. One point is there are some games that haven’t been released yet but are already garnering top ranks, even though the gamer or review were has only seen as far as the graphics. It is quite obvious that they are most of the time one-sided with the rankings in the list of all PSP games.

A website containing a list of all PSP games should not only be clerical or should not border on commercialism. It should celebrate the essence of each and every game. Sadly, that site has not yet been constructed.