Keep Your Guard Up: Laptop Wifi Security

For many individuals, their whole life can be kept in their laptop. This is because the person’s laptop computer is used for both personal and business reasons.

Specifically, the laptop computer user can do their banking online, keep track of their financial portfolios and correspond through the e-mail application. In addition, many passwords are stored on an individual’s laptop.

Therefore, it is imperative that an individual implement laptop WiFi security. First and foremost it is important to buy a quality router. When it comes to getting what one pays for the purchase of a quality router is important.

In addition, to accomplish this computer security it is important to understand how this can be implemented and how to maintain laptop WiFi security.

How To Implement Laptop WiFi Security

There are many options that an individual has in order to implement laptop WiFi security. One of those laptop WiFi security options is to purchase a wireless router that can be programmed to lock unauthorized individuals out.

Specifically a wireless router is an electronic device that captures radio waves that are in proximity to the router. When access to the router is attempted through a WiFi equipped device there is an attempt for the two to communicate and link up. This synchronization or handshaking is accomplished if the two devices security codes match.

Generally, the code that is required is one that is set by the administrator or owner of the router. Usually, the code that is required can consist of a combination of 26 letters and numbers.

Maintaining Laptop WiFi Security

Once laptop WiFi security has been established it is important to maintain that security. This laptop WiFi security can be maintained in a number of ways.

The first method of maintaining the laptop WiFi security is to periodically check the status of the secured connection. This can be accomplished by viewing the wireless connections that are accessible on the electronic device. Generally, if the wireless connection has a padlock symbol near it and graph like bars that indicate the strength of the signal, the individual can be assured that the connection is secure.

The second method of maintaining laptop WiFi security is to make sure that passwords are complex. Therefore, it is important to utilize passwords that incorporate more than simple numbers or numbers that follow a logical pattern. Therefore, passwords should contain not only numbers, but utilize symbols as well as letters of the alphabet.