Is There Such a Thing As A Free Wifi Internet Connection?

Most people pay a lot of money each month for their internet service. Either they pay their cable company or they pay their phone company. Either way, this ends up leaving many people with a lot less money each month. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a free wifi internet connection? There are ways you can find free wifi internet. Of course, some of it involves stealing another person’s connection. But if you want to sleep better at night, just think of it as borrowing. After all, all you’re doing is taking a connection from someone else. It’s not like you’re taking anything of physical value, right? Well some might disagree.

Free Wifi Internet In Apartments

If you live in an apartment, chances are someone around you has an internet connection with a wireless router. That means that they are paying their cable or phone company for internet service and then they’re using a wireless router to send to their desk or laptop. To accept a wireless connection, your computer must have a wireless antenna.

This antenna is usually built into most laptops but it can also come as an external accessory on desktops. If you have an antenna, search for a free wifi site around you. If you find a free wifi internet connection, that isn’t locked, you can then connect to the internet and it doesn’t cost you a thing. However, realize that your connection may be seen on their network and you could be disconnected at any time. Also, most people lock their routers so that unauthorized people can’t connect. But there’s always that one person who doesn’t care about encrypting or locking their router and that is where you can get free wifi internet.

Free Wifi Internet In Coffee Shops

Some coffee shops offer free wifi internet for their patrons. These free wifi internet connections allow anyone to bring their laptop, enjoy their coffee and connect to the internet. This is actually a cost saver for coffee shops who want to sport themselves as internet cafes without supplying the computers. This way, people can bring their own computers and just use the free wifi internet to enjoy all the web surfing they want.

The Downside Of Free Wifi Internet

There is a downside to taking advantage of a free wifi internet connection. Whenever you send your information over a free wifi internet connection, anything that travels across that signal is open for hackers to steal it. That means that any personal, or credit information can be stolen. So if you’re going to take advantage of a free wifi internet connection, be careful about what you send over that connection at all times.