How To Get A Free Wifi Connection

It’s been in the news recently that the big internet giants, such as Google, plan on creating a free wifi connection that people can connect to all across the country. Essentially, this free wifi internet connection would allow people to access the internet as long as they had a wireless card and it would allow more people to be able to take advantage of all the information that can be found on the internet. Currently, most people have to pay a monthly fee to their cable provider in order to access the internet. Then, if they want wifi service, they have to get a wireless router. This ends up costing around fifty for the router and then fifty or so a month for the internet connection. Imagine what free wifi would do for people’s wallets.

There are some opponents to the plan for free wifi connections. Some claim that we humans may be vulnerable to the invisible rays that come with free wifi connections. There is a massive dying off of honeybees, for instance, and some think that cell phone towers and wifi connections are to blame. Whose to say that we humans won’t get sick or get cancer, or some other disease, if a free wifi connection is unveiled all across the country? While it’s true that we still don’t understand the effects of these signals on our bodies and brains, there has been no conclusive evidence that they’re harmful. Still, these opponents are fighting tooth and nail to stop a free wifi connection from materializing.

What’s the Free Wifi Connection Benefit?

You may be wondering why a company like Google, or any other internet company, would offer a free wifi connection. Wouldn’t they make more money if they charged for the service instead of letting everyone piggy back on their free wifi connection? Well, companies like Google primarily make money off of people clicking on their ads and ads that people buy from them to put on their websites. Think about it. If a company like Google offers free wifi connections, more people are available to click on those ads. It’s a win for everyone! There are always incentives to offer free internet connections, and it would an innovative company like Google that offers it.

Whether or not there will be a free wifi connection remains to be seen but most people would love it if there was, since they are currently paying so much just for having an internet connection in the first place.