Finding The Best Free WiFi Location Near You

It seems like everywhere you turn places are offering free WiFi locations, but finding a really good one that you can use to get work done can be tough. Most of these places do not have a whole lot of documentation on what kind of connection they provide and what you can get at the free WiFi location. This article is here to help you find out how to select the right free WiFi location for what you are trying to do.

Choosing The Perfect free WiFi Location

Before you can choose the perfect free WiFi location, you need to have a good list of free WiFi connection places to choose from. The best place to start is Hot Spot Haven. Simply type in your local zip code or town and see what results come up. In my case there were over fifty different free WiFi locations to choose from. By simply reading through the list as was able to eliminate over half the locations as undesirable for what I wanted to do. That left me with about 25 different ones to take a look at.

In general on the free WiFi location sites you should be able to see a part where the different sites are reviewed. I would start with the ones that have the best reviews and then work your way down from there. The only way to truly judge if a free WiFi location is going to be a good spot for you is to go out and see it. However, once you are there you can make some quick assumptions about whether or not you will want to use it. First, if no one is there with laptops out doing work then more then likely it is not going to be a great spot. While this is not a hard fast rule, it can be pretty reliable.

In addition if there is a lot of people at one site working, while it will signify that there is a good connection there you may run into more frequent distractions with all of the people there. If you are looking to simply to connect up, chat with friends, maybe read the news and be social this is a perfect environment. If you are looking to get some serious work done, then this probably will not work out for you. If the latter is what you are truly after, then I would highly recommend looking into a place with fewer people and a quieter atmosphere.

Follow these simple steps and you should be able to find the perfect free WiFi location for any application.