Best Wi-Fi PDA: A Few Good Choices Worth Considering

There are several products that come to mind at the time when one is considering which the best Wi-Fi PDA is. The RIM Curve 8320 Smartphone is one such product that is available at about three hundred and fifty dollars from Amazon. It does everything that you expect a good Wi-Fi PDA to do and its UMA Wi-Fi technology is amazing that works without a flaw and this product comes with an interface that too is outstanding.

Best Wi-Fi PDA:Apple Iphone 8 GB Smartphone?

The Apple iPhone 8 GB Smartphone is yet another product that can be considered the best Wi-Fi PDA and it too has some very outstanding features including a bright screen, 8 MB of installed memory and it comes with Bluetooth wireless technology and works with Mac OS X Proprietary Operating System.

The ASUS MyPal A626 too has many outstanding features that make it a contender for best Wi-Fi PDA. Users are particularly impressed with its 64 MB installed memory and its Bluetooth wireless technology, Infrared, USB as well as Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Operating System. It is however a cheap offering and based on its price alone it can be considered a very hot contender for title of best Wi-Fi PDA.

The AT&T Tilt has more memory than the ASUS (in fact, double) and it also comes with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 and it is indeed a bargain buy costing just about two hundred dollars. For this price, it provides amazing speed when navigating menus as well as when downloading information and is another good choice as far as deciding which the best Wi-FI PDA is.

The HP HP 211 Ipaq Enterprise Handheld is similar in many respects to the AT&T Tilt having the same amount of memory (128 MB) as well as Operating System (Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0) and it also has a notable feature in that its battery life is very good and you will also get impressive radio frequency on the Wi-Fi as well.

The bottom line as far as selecting the best Wi-Fi PDA goes is that you need to consider factors such as size, data entry method, memory, functionality as well as Wi-Fi connection and finally, visibility too must be taken into account. A Wi-Fi PDA that combines these features the best will definitely prove to be the best Wi-Fi PDA.

Modern Wi-Fi PDA’s come with Bluetooth and because of the increased demand for Wi-Fi PDA Bluetooth there are some models being offered to the customers that target these specific needs. A good example of such products is the Palm TX PDA that comes with built-in Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth.