Benefits Of Using A VoIP WiFi Phone

There are times that and instances that using a VoIP WiFi phone is preferable to having a normal phone or a cellular phone. These advantages for using a VoIP WiFi phone may not be readily apparent so this article is going to take a look at what they are so you can be better informed. WiFi mobile phones are becoming very popular very quickly so you need to know when and if you should be using one.

Key Advantages Of Using A VoIP WiFi Phone

The main reason you would really want to consider using a VoIP WiFi phone is cost. Once you purchase the initial phone there is literally no maintenance cost. The only cost associated with the phone is your internet service and the WiFi system, which if you have a home laptop or are already using is completely free. The VoIP WiFi phone will have software installed in it so that it can simply connect up to the internet and you can begin making and receiving calls. Many times this will be through some kind of third party software like Skype, but more and more lately phones are showing up with proprietary software already installed.

The second reason you would want a VoIP is for long distance and international calls. Again this comes down to a cost factor. You can use a VoIP WiFi phone to make calls to any of number free of charge. Regardless of if you are calling the local pizza place or Istanbul, the cost is the same. Talk as long as you want on you VoIP WiFi phone and do not worry about running up a bill. The phones software should also be free and included in it with no monthly fees. If you find a phone and they are looking to charge you a monthly fee, keep looking because you can do better.

Why Would You Not Want To Use A VoIP WiFi Phone?

For all the good reasons to use a VoIP phone there are bad ones as well. The main reason not to use one is that you need to have a wireless network to make a phone call. This means that the phone going out is much more likely then a normal land line phone. For example, if you loose power you will loose your phone as well. In an emergency situation this can be a really big problem. While having low cost for your phone is valuable, being vulnerable this way is something that something people simply can not accept.

In addition to that the phone is not as portable as a cell phone and can not be used everywhere. It does have significant lag and echoing like a cell phone, but does not have the range. So it really comes down on what you need as to whether a VoIP WiFi phone is for you.