What you Need to Know About Alpacadabraz, the SmartWatch NFT Collection

Being a member of an NFT collection is a source of social proof for many people. For others, it means more than just being a member of a broader group of people who share similar viewpoints to include the prospect of collecting something that’s only limited to a small volume. No matter what reason people join aboard, the NFT world is rising in popularity. Blockchain and smart contracts can be highlighted as the foundation of each NFT collection. This is the key that can validate the authenticity of an NFT or your complete collection. Each piece of art can be assigned a unique token using a smart contract. As a result, whoever possesses the NFT has valid blockchain confirmation of its legitimacy for that specific asset.

Alpacadabraz, an NFT project that began with its genesis collection in October 2021, is one of the collections anchored on smart contracts. The collection is based around pixelated alpacas created by the professional pixel artist Chuckchee. The community behind Alpacadabraz has grown rapidly, following the team behind the project with immense faith since its launch.

From community events, 3D Alpacadabraz airdrops, giveaways and upcoming launches for Sandbox integration, the development and management team continue to provide for their holders. Their social media following has quickly grown to over 155,000 on Twitter and nearly 100,000 Discord members.

With one of the largest metaverse development teams, Alpacadabraz aims to innovate and add more features to its community for the benefit of its members. Presently, their focus has shifted to developing the upcoming Sandbox game. This will make them the first NFT project with a finished esports game ready to play on the Sandbox. They will not only have esports, but also play-to-earn games and socializing as main utilities. Currently, they have over six games under development, including a racing game, RPG and a climbing game. As expected, these games will be competitive with many prizes that you can win.

Developing and creating a thriving NFT community and metaverse is not easy. It can be a complex industry, and unless you have a passionate team behind you, it can be hard to prosper.

“We faced many challenges along the way. We are a group of passionate NFT collections with talented artists. We are not a marketing firm like many other projects. Our challenge is to keep delivering fun content for the community to watch and to engage them with each other while we are developing in the background a massive Sandbox land,” says the Alpacadabraz team.

From experience, the Alpacadabraz team now believes that building a project can be challenging; providing utility to a community that stands behind you is even harder. Therefore, you need to continue to drive and give back to those who support you, and this will put you on a positive path to success.

Alpacadabraz aims to be a “blue chip” project and a household NFT name. The aim is to continue giving back to our community and constantly provide future utility. The Alpacadabraz team also wants to show the world that quality NFT projects are here to stay and will win it from the endless cash grabs and pump and dumps. This explains why they are one of the fastest-growing NFT communities.

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What you Need to Know About Alpacadabraz, the SmartWatch NFT Collection

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