‘Too much rubbish on computer’: Chinese girl, 2, takes dad literally – washes laptop with soap and water and amuses millions

A Chinese woman was left unsure if she should cry or laugh after finding her two-year-old daughter had taken her husband’s complaint that his laptop had ‘too much rubbish’ on it literally and washed it with soap and water.

A video of the incident taken by the mother from Shandong in eastern China, shows the computer sitting in a wash basin filled with water and white foam as a blue bath ball floats above the keyboard.

Tap water can be seen pouring into the basin as the young girl, nicknamed Duomi, catches the water and opens her hands in front of her face to see if they are clean.

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I entered the bathroom and saw what my daughter was doing. I almost died from anger


The unidentified mother said she saw what her daughter was doing when she came home last week at a time when her daughter would usually be having an afternoon nap at home, the Jinan Times reported.

“Her father was asleep and snoring loudly. I heard someone was doing something in our bathroom,” she said. “I entered the bathroom and saw what my daughter was doing. I almost died from anger.”

The 2-year-old overheard her dad’s complaints and while he was asleep and later that day she ‘washed’ his US$1,200 laptop for him as a favour. Photo: Douyin

“It’s because my husband complained at breakfast that there was too much rubbish on his computer. So our daughter decided to help clean it for him.”

On discovering the daughter’s washing efforts the mother hurriedly took the laptop out of the water and wiped it dry. However, the computer couldn’t be switched on after being immersed in the water.

She told the newspaper that although she felt angry, she was also amused by her daughter’s attempt to help. “At that time I really wanted to hit her to teach her a lesson. But my second thought was that she is too young to understand what she did was wrong.”

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The girl’s father, surnamed Wang, said he bought the laptop three years ago for 9,000 yuan (US$1,200). The machine still did not work several days later, he said.

The video has been viewed 100 million times on Weibo alone, with many seeing the humour and innocence in the girl’s naive attempt to help her father.

“What a good job she’s done! Only thing is that it wasted a computer,” wrote one person.

Many people who watched the video saw the humour in it and were touched by the girl’s kindness, with some recounting their own humorous experiences with toddlers at home. Photo: Douyin

“This little girl should be praised for being considerate and diligent. Next time, try your father’s mobile phone,” another user joked.

Some people shared similar experiences from their own families involving toddlers.

“My younger sister liked washing mobile phones when she was two-three years old. My father’s, my mother’s and my mobile were all put in the water by her. She has been beaten for this, but she didn’t remember the lesson,” said one person.

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“Although the pear in the pencil case did not look fresh, I could sense deep love from my son,” the father said at the time.

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