Tips You Need to Know Before Your Next Virtual Interview

Now more than ever, it is important to look good for your next interview.

Looking sharp for your virtual interview is not something you would have thought earlier but after the pandemic-induced working standards, being prepared for a virtual interview is crucial. 

Here are some tips for you to ace your next virtual interview: 

Get Your Internet Fixed

First thing first, you have to keep the essentials in check. There is nothing more important than a high-speed internet service provider and its services at your disposal to start your interview let alone acing it. A high-speed internet service has always been important for an American household. However, after the pandemic, its significance has grown to an all-time high.

The internet service that was once enough for your full house is surely not enough now for your remote working needs, your kid’s homeschooling, and casual Netflix streaming sessions. However, you can always switch your slow internet service to high-speed and reliable internet service from Spectrum.

Charter Spectrum offers a bunch of amazing internet deals for its customers. These internet deals not only make Charter Spectrum Billing affordable but also its reliable internet service is the best for a successful virtual interview.

Use the Camera on Your Phone, Not on Your Laptop

Unless your laptop is brand new, your phone likely has a better camera. As we said, in the beginning, looking your best in an interview is now more important. If you have not earlier thought of investing in a good camera phone, this is the time. Joining the virtual meeting through your good camera phone can help you look a lot better than how your laptop camera makes you look.

Also, make sure you log into the meeting earlier from your phone to not get into connectivity troubles at the time of your interview.

Turn Your Phone Horizontal

Your phone in portrait mode surely brings many wonders. However, when it comes to a virtual interview, we recommend having a widescreen or horizontal mode. This way, you can look good in the Zoom meeting as these platforms are designed for the widescreen or horizontal format, and they will not work effectively in a portrait mode.

Place Your Phone on a Tripod

No, we are not talking about big investments here. You can easily purchase an inexpensive tripod for your desk for $15 from Amazon. You might think that investing in a tripod is useless for a single interview. However, if you are on job hunting or the next interview is important, a tripod can help you put just the best impression.

We recommend finding the right standing angle to place your tripod as giving an interview while standing will help in generating more confidence. However, if you are more comfortable sitting, you can put your phone on a tripod. This will help you avoid unnecessary hand movements that you have to do to adjust your phone during the interview without the help of a tripod.

Place Your Natural Light Source in Front of You

Many times, people tend to choose a spot near sunlight, but their body is always behind the source of light. The light source, be it a window or a lamp, should be in front of your face. This way, you will be more visible to the interviews sitting across the laptop screen.

If you are going to have a window involved, make sure you are facing it.

Bottom Line

Looking your best at your next virtual interview is easy. All you have to do is dress up formally, sit in front of a light source, fix your internet connection and look confident. Good luck!

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