The role of offline marketing in an online world

Offline marketing helps to drown out a lot of online noise, writes out guest author.

Offline marketing isn’t just about printing text or running radio commercials or broadcasting TV commercials or displaying messages on billboards. It is a complex process that requires a lot of creativity, 360-degree media planning, and so on.

Offline marketing is far more than what people assume it to be. I’d love to state everything you need to know about this type of neglected marketing – and how it’s extremely beneficial for businesses.

Here’s a reality check: Every business or product doesn’t need online marketing. For some businesses, offline marketing is a much better choice than online or digital marketing, and they don’t even realise it.

Just because ‘digital marketing’ is trending doesn’t mean every business has to follow it.

It’s better to skip the overcrowded train and take the next one.

Offline business can also lead you to the same destination, via a much better route.

Look at big brands like Amazon, Flipkart, BigBasket, Tata 1mg, Myntra, Blinkit, to name few. They always promote their offers, launches or brand makeovers on offline marketing channels like newspapers, TVCs, hoardings, etc.

Another good reason why networking and offline marketing still work so effectively is because people, despite being easily connected – thanks to social media, email and the Internet, actually feeling more disconnected than ever these days.

The need for human connection is one of the keys for survival. So, it’s only natural that people feel disconnected when they’re unable to meet someone in person. And, it looks like nobody knows how to communicate face-to-face anymore.

So, if you’re looking to build relationships, as you should when you’re running a business, then connecting with people face-to-face and offline is really going to make a big difference to your business.

Offline marketing helps to drown out a lot of online noise.

Marketing is essential for any business. We all know that. Marketing is something you have to master if you want to compete, attract new customers and engage with the current customers. It’s a fact. Marketing without direction is pretty much pointless. The two go hand-in-hand. Without direction, you’ll end up wasting both time and budgets.

Offline marketing can help you to engage with your target demographic. Many companies overlook the value of offline marketing campaigns. These campaigns can help you to plug gaps that can’t be filled by digital campaigns, like personable, face-to-face communication and reaching untapped audiences.

It gives something tangible to your customers. It builds relationships. It sticks with your audiences for much longer, etc.

It’s really the need of the hour for any brand, big or small, to maintain a balance between offline and online marketing.

My co-founder, Bijal Bhalani, and I sincerely believe that the consumers crave social interactions.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve all experienced major social disconnect. No matter how many Zoom meetings you attend, you still crave social interactions. People crave their office water cooler moments so much that they’re finding remote ways to recreate these informal, but crucial social interactions.

So, in a world where we’re scrolling through social media and communicating solely through screens, wouldn’t it be nice to feel a little more connected?

The brand-consumer connection, directly impacts the (former’s) bottom line. Research reveals that 64 per cent of the consumers want the brands to connect with them. When the customers feel connected, over half of them will increase their spending with that brand. Offline marketing can help you achieve this social connection that the consumers yearn for.

The author is co-founder, MID30 Design & Marcom

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