Finding A Great WiFi Hotspot

If you work in a big city or constantly on the go you know how wonderful it can be to find a truly great WiFi hotspot. A free WiFi hotspot can completely change your outlook on the entire world and all the people in it. While this may seem a bit over the top, anyone who has spent time hunting for a great WiFi hotspot only to settle on a mediocre one knows exactly what I am talking about. Being a traveler and having to do a lot of work on the road I have found a couple methods and places that work out great on regular basis. Take some time to follow the steps I take and I guarantee you will have a great WiFi hotspot in no time.

Initial Things To Do To Find A Great WiFi Hotspot

The first thing you are going to want to consider is what you are using the WiFi hotspot for. Basically a WiFi hotspot can serve two purposes, for work or for pleasure. When you use one for pleasure it will be totally different then if you use one for work. Work ones have to be reliable, and preferably quiet. Pleasure ones can be up or down, but generally speaking you are going to want other people there and possibly some other amenities as well. Food, drink, and things like that are always nice to have if you are just hanging out surfing the web.

The first thing you want to do is figure out where near you has free internet. I use hot spot finder to get all my locations, but there are a ton of websites dedicated to this. Do a quick search and see what free local WiFi hotspots are around you and then check them out. Just by looking over the list you should be able to pull some off without having to go physically see them. In addition you can also get a website with ratings and simply not go see the ones that fall below a certain threshold.

In addition there are usually a couple of businesses that almost always have free WiFi. One that I find to be a great place for both work and pleasure is Barnes and Nobles. They offer free WiFi at all of there locations and have a convenient place to get some coffee. In addition because they like people to come in and read these areas will usually be really comfortable and have a lot to offer. Similar to this, you can find wireless at almost all coffee shops and especially Starbucks. Try there is you want to find a place for a cup of Joe to get some work done.