Noise ColorFit Caliber smartwatch review: New features at budget price

Noise is the leading brand in India when it comes to smartwatches in the market. This has largely been possible due to the brand’s affordable range of products and launch of new units in quick succession. The latest one is the Noise ColorFit Caliber which comes with a body temperature sensor rarely seen on most fitness or smartwatches. But is having a unique feature at a budget price good enough? Here’s our review.

Noise ColorFit Caliber smartwatch: What’s good?

The Noise ColorFit Caliber has a big 1.69-inch coloured display and the touchscreen response is accurate and quick. There’s no lag or stutter when using the watch which can be a problem on some budget smartwatches. The display has a flat edge design, and I got the red-coloured variant for review, which certainly stands out.

The watch case is made of polycarbonate, and it has a metallic crown as well. Users can change the straps as well. There’s nothing wrong with the watch’s build quality as such. Though I did notice some very prominent scratches on the display. If you want a big screen, then this is definitely one of the most budget friendly options in the market.

Noise Colorfit Caliber, Noise Colorfit Caliber review, Noise Colorfit Caliber price in India The watch comes packed with features for tracking sleep, blood oxygen and even body temperature. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/ Indian Express)

The watch supports 60 modes and is a comprehensive fitness device. It is also water-resistant with an IP68 rating and can be taken for a swim. I used it to track mostly spinning sessions and indoor walks and the data was mostly in line with what the spinning bike and the Apple Watch showed. However, at times the heart-rate was not in sync and it took a few seconds for the Caliber to show the current reading. I’m not sure why this happened, perhaps the fit wasn’t right, which sometimes can cause issues.

The Noise ColorFit also packs other functions such as Blood Oxygen monitoring, the ability to locate your phone and control music. It will also show notifications from your phone, including calls. You can reject the call from the device itself. Noise has also packed features such as a handwash reminder which you can set depending on your preference. The watch will also alert you if you’ve been sedentary for too long.

Blood oxygen monitoring on the watch. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

The user interface itself is simple and there’s no major learning curve involved. The watch promises a battery life of 15 days with regular usage. For me, the watch lasted around seven days, in a week where I used it to track quite a few exercise sessions and there was a constant flood of notifications as well. Still, a week’s worth of battery life is good enough.

Noise ColorFit Caliber smartwatch: What’s not good?

The Noise ColorFit’s temperature sensor feature was not accurate in my experience. It kept showing 94 or 93 or 95-degrees Fahrenheit for me. The temperature inaccuracy happened even during a time when I was down with Covid and my temperature was close to 100.

Noise Colorfit’s body temperature feature. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

The watch got an update in the first week it was with me, which I thought would improve the temperature feature. The only change was that it showed the temperature in Fahrenheit compared to Celsius earlier. Again this issue could be with my particular unit.

The watch’s step count is not always accurate. On some days it was in sync with what other devices showed, but on others, the step count was definitely on the higher side.

Finally, the watch requires daily syncing with the app. You have to open the app and do this manually. The few days I did not do this, I lost all the data from the watch. It was never reflected on the app, though the watch had recorded those workouts. Finally, while the Noise app has plenty of watch faces to customise the device, I’m not too fond of the ad-based push notifications which often make an appearance on the app.

Noise ColorFit Caliber smartwatch: Verdict

The Noise ColorFit Caliber smartwatch is a budget smartwatch and does pack a lot of features for the price of Rs 2,499. It is useful for those looking to get a fitness watch that will also show device notifications along with other features such as blood oxygen monitoring, etc. But the body temperature feature does not appear to be accurate for now, at least for the unit I had for review.

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