Mobvoi launches smartwatch capable of tracking cardiovascular health

Wearable maker Mobvoi has partnered with health technology firm CardieX to launch a new smartwatch that’s reported capable of tracking arterial health. The TicWatch GTH Pro comes with over a dozen workout modes, can be worn while swimming and keeps tracking for up to 10 days.

The TicWatch GTH Pro is the result of a two-year partnership between Mobvoi – which made our pick of the best smartwatches of 2021 with the TicWatch E3 – and CardieX’s ATCOR subsidiary to develop a consumer wearable featuring technology that measures “pressure waves based on the strength of the pulse as blood flows through the body.”

“Our Arty Heart Health platform incorporates never-before-seen arterial biometrics and heart health insights based on the 20-year legacy of our ATCOR subsidiary in partnering with global research organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and leading clinical practices in the delivery of advanced arterial health diagnostics,” said CardieX and ATCOR CEO, Craig Cooper. “It’s this same trusted, clinical-grade technology that we are now incorporating into a series of new consumer wearables and home health devices.”

Aspects of this SphygmoCor technology are at the heart of the TicWatch GTH Pro, and enables “non-invasive assessment of the central arterial pressure waveform.” The smartwatch features dual optical PPG (photoplethysmography) sensors, one taking measurements at the wrist and the other to the side of the smartwatch for taking readings from a fingertip placed over it. Data gathered throughout the day from this setup is fed through to the Mobvoi app for analysis and readout via the Arty dashboard.

The TicWatch GTH Pro is the first smartwatch to feature the Arty Heart Health analytics platform from CardieX subsidiary ATCOR

The TicWatch GTH Pro is the first smartwatch to feature the Arty Heart Health analytics platform from CardieX subsidiary ATCOR


Health readings include a general indication of overall heart and arterial health called the Arty Score, a measurement of blood flow to the heart as an indication of exercise capacity (eCAP), an approximation of cardiovascular health related to biological age based on the stiffness of the arteries (ArtyAge), a measure of heart stress based on pulse pressure (HSX), and heart rate measurement that’s reckoned to be about as accurate as using an electrocardiogram (TruHR).

The GTH Pro also promises deep sleep tracking analysis, SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation) detection, and can monitor skin temperature and respiration rate as well. And it comes packed with 14 sports/workout modes that cover activities such as running, cycling, rowing, soccer and mountain climbing.

The wearable itself has a metal case with an interchangeable strap, and sports a 1.55-inch color touchscreen at 360 x 320 pixels with a 2.5D curved glass design. Its 260-mAh battery is reported good for 7-10 days for every 2 hours on charge, and users can leave the smartwatch on their wrist when they do laps at the local pool.

The TicWatch GTH Pro is available now for US$99.99. The video below has more.

TicWatch GTH Pro – Your heart health monitor, no strings attached.

Product page: TicWatch GTH Pro

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