KISS PR Digital Marketing Announces ZZKIR

KISS PR CEO & Head of Growth Qamar Zaman today announced a new product called ZZKIR.


Marketing Product Suite for Blockchain & Crypto Companies

Marketing Product Suite for Blockchain & Crypto Companies

Dallas, TX , March 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A new cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) suite allows companies in the blockchain space take advantage of an all-in-one marketing ecosystem.

The latest KISS PR Web 3 cloud-based product marketing suite called ZZKIR ℠ will help Fintech, Crypto, Defi, and NFT companies combine marketing and media relations in an all-in-one marketing ecosystem. KISS PR team of SEO engineers, developers and media consultants integrated social storytelling in ZZKIR for Metaverse, NFT, and Web3.0.

KISS PR AI-Powered Marketing Ecosystem

The creators of this cloud-based tool team comprises of:

  • Qamar Zaman, Founder

  • Ana Khan, Co-Founder

  • Rene Perras, Head of Legal Division

  • Dmitry Syrodoy – Head of Web Development

  • Kashif Sultan Head of Web 3

  • Denis Serikov, Blockchain marketing/media consultant and CEO of Throne PR.

KISS PR Digital Marketing is an established web applications development, SEO and digital marketing company in business since 2014.

“We have been working on ZZKIR ℠ since 2019 and have tested it for over a year in various verticals. Due to the rise of blockchain and metaverse we doubled our resources in 2021 and tested our saas-based ecosystem over various blockchain companies and got excellent results. These companies have seen significant results. ZZKIR is designed for Metaverse, NFT, and Web3.0. space to help founders promote their centralized or decentralized blockchain projects using a suite of digital marketing services,” said Ana Khan, Co-Founder and the head of business growth for the new initiative.

According to Serikov, “Our combined vision is to empower the community of crypto entrepreneurs by publicizing and creating market awareness for their projects using an online marketing suite. The marketing framework built by KISS PR now helps founders achieve more publicity for their blockchain and NFT projects using our two decades of experience.”

About KISS PR Digital Marketing

A website design, marketing, and public relations (PR) agency, Kiss PR brings brands to life through the digital content ecosystem. By combining search engine optimization (SEO), Kiss PR developed a proven formula to earn expertise, authority, and trust in the eyes of search engines. Add social media management to the formula and brands have access to the full spectrum of ZZKIR marketing services. With 25 years of experience in the industry, Kiss PR provides companies with trusted solutions tailored to their needs.

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