How QR Codes Are Used in MMA sports events

Huge Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sports events like the UFC and ONE Championship are watched by thousands of people online and offline, but even they use QR codes in their events. At the same time, players also use QR codes to secure sponsorships in the digital space.

The improved technology behind QR codes, especially with the availability of a free QR code generator online, has made MMA sporting events even more exciting and organized. Because of this, QR code scanners are now better integrated into the native camera app of mobile phones, making scanning a lot less hassle.

Safer viewing amid COVID-19

ONE Championship is more thrilling with a live audience! At the height of the pandemic in 2020, a ONE Championship MMA show in Singapore allowed fans to watch the fight live in an indoor stadium, given that they wear masks and test negative in antigen results.

Upon getting the results, spectators simply need to show their results, get their temperatures checked, and scan QR codes to enter the venue. The process has been proven effective because fans left good remarks on its easiness while still keeping everyone safe.

Get sponsorships for wellness, training, and future fights

ONE Championship female fighter Mei Yamaguchi, one of the best practitioners of MMA has secured sponsorship from In 2018, cryptocurrency was still a starting industry, and only a few people knew how it worked. This was an excellent way to advertise products while supporting the sport. CEO Roger Ver personally sat down with Yamaguchi to discuss her career and her interest in Bitcoin Cash (BCH). To introduce the process of BCH and BCH wallet, the CEO helped set up her account and sent $1,000 worth of BCH by scanning her wallet’s QR code.

How other sporting events use QR codes

Different sporting events, venues, and institutions are also utilizing the use of QR codes for their own purposes. Here’s how some of them are doing it.

QR codes for online viewing access

The recent UEFA Women’s Championship 2022 has allowed avid fans to enjoy the games in the comfort of their homes! Through, they can watch the game for free, both for new and existing users. They simply have to sign up for an account to start viewing.

QR codes instead of player numbers

The University of Central Florida football team is pioneering the use of QR codes instead of placing the numbers of players. In the previous year, it was their Twitter handle, but this year, it’s a URL QR code containing their biographies on the UCF website.

It’s one great way to connect with fans so they really get to know the athletes and how they came to be a part of the team.

QR codes for exclusive giveaway entries

NBA and Dapper Labs launched one-of-one NFTs, which can only be accessed by scanning QR codes. These were displayed at random times during the game. For avid fans, this is a one-of-a-kind experience because they get to have a rare and only one piece of merchandise.

Generate QR codes for MMA events

Whether it’s a small sporting event such as school martial arts or big ones in the professional league, you can use QR codes for a lot of different purposes. Luckily, a QR code generator with logo software is easy to find. They have become widely available and easier to use and implement, making them extra versatile even for non-techie people.

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