How Much Work Online Marketing Implies?

How Much Work Online Marketing Implies Before Reaping The Benefits?

Before discussing how much work online marketing implies, let me tell you something upfront. If you were attracted to online marketing because you considered there was no work involved… well then… sorry but you’re in for a big shock and not the good kind!

Plenty of people find the idea of online marketing appealing for they know it’s potentially possible to generate passive income.

This is the type of income that continues even when you’re sleeping – so that if you went on holiday tomorrow, you’d still be earning money the whole time you were out there.

This kind of passive income is really what many marketers dream of because it means they will no longer be trading time for money and they will be able to live the lifestyle that they want to.

Imagine waking up richer than you went to bed!

But don’t consider that passive income is “free money”. Don’t believe for one second that there’s no work involved.

Lots of online marketers begin their businesses by working their ass off and without reward for many years first. You’ll likely struggle away to build 1,000 or 2,000 monthly visitors to your website for the first year. You’ll probably post to your social media without getting any response for years.

During this time you’ll write huge eBooks, you’ll build websites, you’ll waste money on cowboy service providers. It’s actually not plain sailing for most people!

Many people will wonder why their blogs haven’t ‘taken off’ to the point where they can quit their current job. If you ask them how many hours a day they’re working on those blogs, they’ll answer, “I upload a post every week”. So that equals to about one hour a week most likely, maybe two.

These people aren’t working anywhere full-time hours and though they expect to earn a full-time wage! And it’s this discord that so frequently leads to disappointment.

You reap what you sow

But if you were to work 8 hours a day on a website, to upload multiple articles a day, and to chase great links all around the web with the rest of your time… well then, sure, your website would be more successful.

Do you see the difference? As with most things, you only get out of online marketing what you put into it – at least in the early days. Unlike most jobs though, you won’t have a grumpy boss breathing over your shoulder making sure that you put in the hours and don’t cut corners.

What I’m trying to say is that online marketing takes discipline. It takes hard work and it requires you to be a self-starter. We’ll look at some tips to help you with your productivity but finally, if you want to be an Internet success, you have to be willing to invest the needed amount of time and effort.

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