How Conviction Marketing Can Accelerate Your Sales, Build Market Influence And Create Raving Fans For Life

Kelly Roach is a business growth consultant for 6, 7, and 8-figure business owners across the globe and the founder of one of the few 8-figure females-owned and runs companies leading in the online coaching space. Kelly Roach Consulting is a leading online business education company. Entrepreneurs look up to Kelly when they are ready to grow their business with profitability and impact.

Seeing firsthand how many business owners operate in the online world and watching them follow misaligned methods, devalue their brand, and challenge their authority, Kelly has authored a new book, Conviction Marketing, to encourage entrepreneurs to lean into their conviction to stand out. She shows how to stand out authentically in a crowded space, attract their ideal audience, and create loyal customers for life.

By teaching business owners the step-by-step Conviction Marketing Method to attract, inspire, and transform their audience with exceptional results by filling a gap in the market, Kelly believes that her clients can not only stand out and build a brand with influence and impact but also operate in a way that feels authentic and brings in clients who are aligned with their messaging. Kelly says, “The Conviction Marketing Method is not just a new shiny object in the online marketing. It is the key to becoming a category of one, the uncontested leader in your industry. It’s how you separate yourself from the rest of your industry and move from online influencer mode and into the role of an industry icon.”

Conviction Marketing is a book that delivers actionable advice and strategies to entrepreneurs who want to operate authentically in today’s digital marketing landscape. It offers a roadmap on how to stand out amongst the crowd and elevate your business into one category because you are courageous enough to speak out against the masses and stand in your truth.

While most online marketers are running a mad race to the bottom, layering tactic on top of tactic, Conviction Marketing is about building a business on the fundamentals of authenticity, conviction and timeless business principles. Adding and then strategically layering on the tactics helps build a sustainable business model.

In the book, Kelly outlines the five steps that will elevate your business:

1.    Identify your convictions

Understanding that there is something unique or distinct about how you can help people get results. When you first started your business, you knew there was a unique way that you could provide value beyond what was already available to your market. Your convictions allow you to step into an authoritative position and create highly innovative products or programs that consumers in your space have never experienced. It’s going the extra mile to get them superior results.

2.    Fill the gap

Identify the multi-million-dollar gaps, pitfalls, and shortcomings in your industry and commit to being the change. There’s a gap in every industry, without exception, and it’s up to you to go one step further than everyone else and solve it instead of simply talking about everything wrong in your industry.

3.    Build a community

Turning your message into movement fosters a tribe mentality amongst your audience and a feeling of exclusivity, but it positions you as a true visionary leader in your space. People want to feel like part of something bigger, and a pivotal moment for your brand is not only creating a connection between you and your audience, but them connecting.

4.    Follow through

Kelly says the fortune is in the follow-through. It’s not enough to share your convictions with the world: but to follow through with exceptional, best in class results. When you’re able to create unmatched results from turning your beliefs and convictions into a top-tier program – that’s how you make lasting change and loyal customers for life.

5.    Build a world-class brand

If you want to avoid being categorized as a commodity where you are willing to cut profits to make a sale, you need a top-tier program, a roster of dream clients and the right messaging to attract them. Remember: value buyers don’t flinch at a high price tag. They care far more about transformation.

The bottom line is that when your message is in alignment, and you have separated yourself from the masses, that is where the riches are. You can easily claim your spot as second best in the market by copying trends, competing for virality, or using template after template because it worked for XYZ. But when you leverage your unique convictions, when you operate in integrity, that is where true market leadership lies.

When marketing is aligned, sales start coming in. When sales are coming in, those sales become the cash flow your business needs to grow and thrive.

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