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The latest buzz in the online casinos is scratch games. The offline scratch cards have been around since the 1970s. The online adaptation of it is such that it retains the indigenous design. The purpose is to keep the thrill of the offline game intact online too.

History of the game

Even today, it is not an uncommon marketing practice to use scratch cards to make their products more attractive. Hypermarkets, food courts, etc., use them to get the crowd and rope in new customers. They are given for free, and the thrill of winning guaranteed prices was the USP. Once the cards gained popularity, they were offered as a product. The next step in the growth of this card is online casinos in India. They are sold at low prices, and the winnings are comparatively higher. This makes them a sought-after game online.

Things to know

Before you begin to play this scratch game, there are certain things you need to know. This may help in understanding the game better.

  1. Be familiar with the random number generator concept.
  2. Use the bonuses available to play the game first.
  3. Read the terms and conditions that come with the card.
  4. Pick the genuine online casino. Do research, seek the licenses, and browse the user ratings.
  5. Ensure your mode of payment and withdrawal is available. Also, it is worthwhile to ensure that the casino offers instant withdrawals.
  6. Know the variance of the game.

How to play

Playing scratch games is simple. Numerous online casinos offer this game as a part of their menu. You need to select the appropriate site and follow the steps.

  1. Once you enter the casino, register on the page.
  2. Pay the deposit and accept the welcome bonuses.
  3. Click on the scratch card game option.
  4. If the Adobe Flash format is not installed, you will be prompted to install the same.
  5. Once downloaded, you will see a set of cards.
  6. Pick the ones you want to scratch off or choose the auto scratch option.
  7. If the 3 squares match consecutively, you win.
  8. In a few variants, clicking on the tab usually named scratch reveals the rewards.
  9. There isn’t any card without any wins. They have at least the minimal amounts to be won.

Variations of the games

Variants of the Scratch game include,

  1. Bingo Scratch Card
  2. Licensed Scratch Card
  3. Automated Scratch Cards
  4. Downloadable Scratch cards
  5. Lines

Reasons to play the game

There are numerous reasons why you must consider playing this game. Of the few that top our list is:

Of all the games available in the online casinos in India, Scratch card games require the least upfront monetary investment. Most of the time, you can play it for free by utilizing the bonuses and rewards won from other games.

This game is mainly played for fun and as a diversion from the other games. It doesn’t require any thinking, and if you are lucky, you can win big.

More than the offline versions, online versions are the most trustworthy. The offline scratch games are more like a lottery. They must be bought from unauthorized places and mostly is a waste of your money. That is not the case in the online version.

This is one of the few online games that don’t need you to be an expert or a strategist. Hence it can be an excellent source to make some money for beginners.

The payouts in the online scratch games are huge, and you need not shell out much to win. The best part is that a win is guaranteed. So, there is nothing for you to lose by playing it.

In this game, the results can be seen instantly. There are few games online that take time to reveal the result. This app is perfect for you if you are running short of time or are, in general, a person who doesn’t like to wait for things.

Though subject to the website, the withdrawals of the rewards from this game are an easy process. Once the account is verified, the huge rewards are transferred instantly to the account. The smaller winnings are generally transferred to your wallet on the portal.

Tricks to win

Though the chances of changing the odds of the game are less, a few tips will help you to make the most of this game:

Always check the jackpot of a set. The higher the jackpot, the odds of winning are low. Go for the smaller jackpot options.

Keep a budget and stick to it. Layout how much you will want to spend and when. This way, you will see some wins by not staking a lot of money.

Consider yourself lucky

Maybe lady luck favors you, and you will never know until you play the online scratch games. According to the MrFavorite magazine, 4 million euros was once won by a pub manager in the UK. You could be the next lucky one. So, what is stopping you? Go ahead, play this game!

Here Is Why You Need To Play Online Scratch Games

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