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Google has announced a new iteration of its Pixel 6 smartphone, its first smartwatch, its next operating system and its next flagship smartphone, the Pixel 7.

The flurry of new product reveals at its IO developer conference yesterday marks a change in direction for the company’s Android division. 

While Google currently produces its own Pixel devices, its Android operating system is used by devices produced by many other third-party manufacturers like Samsung. 

With its newly-announced devices, however, the search giant has signalled a move towards creating its own ecosystem of products, in the same way as Apple.

Here’s a look at what’s new:

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Pixel 6a

The Pixel 6a is a new mid-range smartphone priced at £399 and available from 28 July. 

It’s smaller than Google’s flagship 6.4” Pixel 6 device, measuring 6.1”, but includes the same Tensor processor and Titan security chip as its larger sibling. 

The handset comes with 128GB of storage and a choice of three colours: Sage, Chalk and Charcoal. Google has pledged to keep the 6a updated with its latest software for five years, which is longer than it typically does.

Android 13

Google also showed off the next generation of its Android operating system (OS), Android 13.

Due this summer, the free update for Android users will introduce new features, customisation options and privacy settings.

Elsewhere, the new OS will support different concurrent languages, allowing multilingual users to apply different languages to different apps.

Pixel Watch

The Pixel Watch (release date yet to be announced) pairs Google’s Wear OS for wearable devices with Fitbit health tracking, thanks to Google’s acquisition of Fitbit last year. The rival to the Apple Watch will work with many Android devices beyond the Pixel range.

Google didn’t share any specifics about the device beyond its name and images that show a circular watch face with crown-based controls and interchangeable straps – just like Apple’s smartwatch.

There was no release date given for the timepiece, but speculation says it’ll land around October this year, alongside the next flagship Google smartphone – the Pixel 7.

Pixel 7

The IO conference also teased the next generation Pixel devices – the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Details were scant, but we can expect aluminium and glass-wrapped handsets that use a new iteration of Google’s much-vaunted Tensor technology.

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