Get Up to 33% Off Height-Adjustable Computer Workstations and Home Office Desks Today


Is the sedentary slump of sitting at a desk for hours getting to you? An adjustable standing desk or other flexible workspace may be the solution. FlexiSpot offers height-adjustable desks and desktop workstations that provide an easy transition between sitting and standing so you can be flexible with how you work. Right now you can get up to 33% off FlexiSpot height-adjustable computer workstations and home office desks at Amazon. But act fast — this deal ends tonight.

Alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day can have many benefits, such as boosting energy and productivity, and preventing or reducing chronic neck, back, shoulder and wrist pain. FlexiSpot has a number of desks, risers, exercise desk bike chairs and standing desk converters on sale that can make your workday more comfortable. Each item comes equipped with different features, with some risers starting as low as $60. Of course, depending on the size and specific needs of your work space, you may choose to purchase a full desk or even a bike to keep you moving, which will cost more. You can shop the entire collection at the link above. However, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite options below to get you started. 

A number of standing desk converters are available in various sizes to accommodate multiple monitors and other flexible setups. The large two-tier design accommodates up to two monitors and a full-sized keyboard and mouse, or a laptop and mouse with room for other accessories. The sturdy X-life structure provides quality gas springs to provide smooth and stable height adjustment. Plus, it’s lightweight enough to move wherever you need it or store it out of the way when not in use. 

There are multiple sizes and colors available in the FlexiSpot electric standing desks, as well. This desk features a motor lift mechanism that offers smoother height adjustments at a speed of one inch per second. It is also low noise, running at under 50 dB, so it won’t disrupt your workspace. A two-button controller allows you to switch postures and adjust between sitting and standing with a single tap.

Part exercise bike, part standing desk, this adjustable work surface allows you to pedal and move while staying productive. Both the seat and the height of the work surface are adjustable, and the bike itself features eight resistance levels you can shift between. Other models are also available.

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