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This week’s guest is a serial entrepreneur who was born into a working class family, and has held executive positions in the financial services industry prior to working on numerous startups before founding Supercharge Lab. Anne Cheng is this week’s guest on “The Jake Dunlap Show”

Going back into Anne’s early years, some of her fondest memories were around the dinner table, where her mother would tell stories of her times setting up churches and providing education in the jungle. Anne is a first generation university student who has fought through learning disabilities on her way to massive success. 

Anne studied Banking and Finance at The London School of Economics and Political Science, before later completing graduate studies at the University of Adelaide for both her MBA, as well as a Master of Engineering. During her studies in Engineering, she learned the valuable skill of thinking in a process oriented manner. 

She was a Finance Executive for a number of years prior to starting Start Up Nation, which is a proprietary angel investment vehicle. Anne attributes building her people skills while working at Stand Up Nation. 

At Supercharge Lab, she specializes in executive strategy, operations management, talent development and building innovative cultures in organizations. It is a primary goal for her to build a moral compass for AI. 

She considers herself a serial entrepreneur who has started, failed, and exited multiple startups on her roller coaster to success, and is now passionate about innovation, social causes, and mentoring startup founders in the South East Asian Region. 

Anne’s 5 Things To Create A Successful Startup: 

  • Know your value proposition
  • Ensure value generation can be repeated, scaled, and taught
  • “A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link”
  • Keep learning and unlearning
  • Embrace Discomfort



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