Earth Road Inc. Asphalt Dairy Farm Paving Project wins Best Marketing Award

With ties to the agriculture industry, Earth Road Inc. Asphalt created a feel-good video combining paving and dairy farming released October 2021. The resulting marketing video was voted Pavement’s Best Marketing Video for 2022 by 51% of online voters.

“The idea came from Jamisan Spano, daughter of the owners Peggy and Jim Spano,” said Ailie Ham, designer, and owner of Ailie Inc., a marketing agency utilized by Earth Road Inc. Asphalt. “Peggy and I often work in tandem to create marketing assets for the company. This was a special project for me personally as I have family who are dairy farmers.”

The 30-second video opens with, “we support our local dairy farmers” on a black background. As the music starts to ramp up, the company logo is showcased front and center. Then comes the images of the project complete with their paver, roller, and dump truck. As the video continues, the music reaches its height and the photos continue to flow in, creating an exciting experience. There is a pause in the music where the phrase “without American farmers, we would not have food” fades in and out, creating a dramatic effect. In the final seconds, the company logo reappears along with the American flag, “made in America” and the company contact information.

“This particular project was really fun for us because our whole family was involved,” said Peggy Spano, sole owner of Earth Road Inc. Asphalt. “It was also neat to see how the cows reacted as well, they would follow every move the equipment was making.”

Keeping in mind the heavy farm equipment that would be traveling on the asphalt, Spano specified seven inches in two lifts to be laid around the stall barn. 

“During the project, we had seven to ten crew members completing the paving and compaction,” said Jim Spano, Project Manager at Earth Road Inc. Asphalt. “It was a pretty standard job that took a few days to complete.”

This was not the first video produced and the company has a collection of on-the-job videos, clips and photos showcased on their website and YouTube channel. Earth Road Inc. Asphalt also uses social media platforms to show their work, including TikTok.

“We just started TikTok,” said Ham. “We are seeing a large amount of reliable traffic from the platform. It is fun and if you put up some good stuff, people will follow you.” 

The company plans on debuting the award-winning video across their social platforms and their website.

View the full video here:

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