DGTL Holdings Inc says Hashoff LLC subsidiary extends social media marketing campaign with e-sports gaming client

The company said the campaign is valued at about US$200,000 and is focused on promoting brand awareness of the online sports betting regulations

DGTL Holdings Inc has announced that its wholly-owned Hashoff LLC subsidiary has launched a new social media content marketing campaign with a Nasdaq listed e-sports and gaming company.

The company said the campaign is valued at about US$200,000 and is focused on promoting brand awareness of the online sports betting regulations, which are now legal and live across the US state of Illinois.

DGTL noted that the term of the contract requires Hashoff to source top ranked micro-influencers to build new brand awareness and to drive new active users to the client’s key online properties.

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It added that Hashoff’s freelance content publishers will also target new users via marketing on Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter.

Hashoff’s $30 billion plus market capitalization e-sports and gaming client is a global leader in online software services that allows users to place bets on fantasy sports contests within the top major sports leagues around the world, DGTL said.

Strategic content will focus on the new online sports betting licensing for this key account within the state of Illinois, according to the company, extending a successful campaign that ran in New York state earlier this year.

DGTL said this latest social content marketing campaign is evidence of Hashoff’s expanding global business and the continued growth of this key account and diversification of accounts within Hashoff’s growing client base across multiple categories, with new accounts that include top brands and agencies in the e-sports gaming, consumer products, health and beauty, financial services, travel, and electronics industries. 

The diversification of Hashoff’s clients, categories, and global markets provides it with more consistent long-term revenue growth potential, the company noted.

DGTL Holdings acquires and accelerates transformative digital media, marketing and advertising software technologies, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). DGTL – Digital Growth Technologies and Licensing – specializes in accelerating commercialized enterprise-level SaaS (software-as-a-service) companies in the sectors of content, analytics and distribution, via a blend of unique capitalization structures.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of DGTL, Hashoff is an enterprise-level self-service CaaS (content-as-a-service) built on proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI-ML) technology. Hashoff’s AI-ML platform functions as a full-service content management system, designed to empower global brands by identifying, optimizing, engaging, managing, and tracking top-ranked digital content publishers for localized brand marketing campaigns.

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