5 must-have home efficiency tools for 2022

Electrolux’s smart appliances promise better living

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As we welcome the year 2022, an important resolution one should make and stick to is maintaining a home that will help build better experiences for your entire family. We had similar but varying experiences during this pandemic but, surely, as we emerge from extended lockdowns and quarantines, everywhere we turn, we are reminded of causes for concern lurking at every corner. 

You can at least take control of making your home spick and span and support your family’s health. Usher in the new year with these tips to elevate your homemaking standards while at the same time making chores more enjoyable and less time-consuming. Furthermore, this provides an opportunity to build habits that will ensure your home becomes a haven of overall health and wellbeing for every member of the family all year round. 

These are the sustainable and smart appliances from Electrolux Philippines that can help you manage your time and improve efficiency, so you can get things done with less effort and maximum benefit.

Minimum effort, maximum result
ROBOT CLEANER. Clean your home without hassle.

You don’t have to spend all day slaving away on various chores around the house. You can work smart with the help of appliances that do the job well in less time. Enter the Pure i9.2 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – a hands-free vacuum with a smart cleaning system that uses a laser and camera-based vision system to determine if there are any furniture and walls before plotting its path for superior cleaning efficiency. In addition, its ergonomic design makes it hassle-free to move around the house.

STICK VACUUM. Ensure deep cleaning by reaching far and high places.

Deep and thorough cleaning is imperative to avoid diseases and support good health, so for this, the Well Q6-P Bagless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner lets you reach even far and high places with its 5-step filtration system that removes up to 99.99% of micro dust particles, ensuring the air you breathe stays fresh and clean.

With carefully chosen appliances, you don’t have to sacrifice “me” time for the welfare and wellbeing of the people you love.

Pretty and practical
BOTTOM FREEZER. Safekeep meats and produce like never before.

When choosing appliances that reflect your home’s aesthetic, performance should be just as important as the visual, especially when you want a home that perfectly blends classic style and modern amenities. Luckily, design and comfort go hand-in-hand with the 12.7 cu. ft. UltimateTaste 300 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator. They are carefully designed to blend in seamlessly with your newly modernized kitchen. 

This sleek refrigerator has features like TasteSeal and TasteLockAuto which keep fish, meats, and vegetables fresh for 7 days without freezing, making your meal prepping so much easier.

Safe and sustainable
ULTIMATETASTE RANGE. Cook, bake, and grill all you want.

Safety and security are important concerns that should be consistent throughout your household. In the kitchen, make sure that your delicious meals are not only prepared with love but with utmost care for your family’s safety. The UltimateTaste 700 Cooking Range with induction hob and 54L electric oven will make meal preparations more enjoyable and convenient! The induction hob makes cooking easier with sensitive touch controls that allow you to shift between settings almost instantly–making it the perfect culinary tool behind your delectable dishes. Its huge convection oven can accommodate a savory roasted pork belly or several sweet layers for a tiered cake to make gatherings even more special. On top of everything, it’s also energy efficient with safeguards in place to avoid any accidents.

ULTIMATECARE WASHING MACHINE. Use energy and water efficiently while thoroughly removing germs.

And when it comes to maintaining the quality of your fabrics even after multiple washes, the 11 kg UltimateCare 900 Front Load Washing Machine gets the job done. It utilizes advanced technologies that remove 99.9% of germs and allergens, eliminate detergent residue, and minimize wear and tear so you can use them for longer. Plus, it makes efficient use of energy and water.

You can maximize the benefits of a healthy, happy home by making sure you have the full range of Electrolux home appliances that are designed for sustainable and better living.

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5 must-have home efficiency tools for 2022

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